A friend from a Northern California international bank suggests that all is well
and that we should not listen to any doom and gloom news about California.
He suggests that only when we see large tech firms leaving the state, should we be worried.
In fact many firms are moving in or starting up in California.

I have personally known a few people who have moved companies out of California.
But, that is not easy to do for most companies if they serve a local clientele.
It is refreshing to hear such news and I’ll be looking out for any such movement.

Google has set up server farms in other states but still has a presence in California.
Yahoo has built a large facility in Burbank and Universal Studios grand
plans are in the works.

But wait, will local power hungry councilmen spool the plans?
UNIVERSAL CITY — Responding to fears that Universal Studios’ proposed $2-billion expansion could choke surrounding neighborhoods with increased traffic, noise and crime, county Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and City Councilman John Ferraro on Friday proposed a dramatic reduction in the movie giant’s plans.

You have to ask, what is in it for the councilmen. Perhaps they just see the
opportunity to  get some action out of all this very risky, expensive endeavor
of true American businessmen who will be providing jobs and a hirer
quality of life.

Did I just way off track with a rant. The point is there is plenty to look forward to here in California and especially in Southern California
where there is a great abundance of progress and enjoyable things
to do to fill our lives.