Timmy Nolan’s has always been there, so it’s easy to forget about or pass over
for a dinner spot. Especially since it seems like more of a bar than a fine place
to eat.

After a good workout and nothing on the schedule for this ho-hum Monday night,
Brian and I went out on the Tolucan town so to speek, to see what was up at
Lucy’s 51. No many people, so we walked on down to Timmy Nolan’s.
I knew they had good food from 15 years ago. What I didn’t know is that the food
got so much better than I could imagine from such an unassuming local.
They have three versions of seared tuna. We had the spicy version served
with spinach and avocado. It feels so good to eat healthy food.
Food that is not battered and flied, frozen and reheated, buttered and salted……
Good food lifts the spirit and fuels the body for work, play, and just plan comfort
in the real sense.