Great little house for $249,000 Open Today

10117 Breidt Ave Tujunga, CA 91042 Open house from 1-4 today, Sunday Jan 9th 1011 Auction date coming but put your offers in today! Cozy single family residence located in the foothills of Tujunga. This 2 Bedroom 1 Bath home was recently rehabbed, and boasts a rebuilt deck off the master bedroom, new paint and

5 experts on Real Estate in 2011? I say one expert.

I say Leslie is more accurate expert here. And in the hotest areas on Los Angeles, she is a bit conservative. 2010 we saw over 7% increases. I expect 2% or better as well, this year. When will housing come back in California? Five experts offer their views Although the steep decline of home prices

There are so many amazing homes on the market!

I have been looking over so many wonderful homes for sale and this year they will all sell. Many have been on the market for over a year and some over two years! This is the year for the ones that are reasonably priced. Yeah, some are out of their minds. But there are many

Why 2011 is the year to buy or change homes

There are many doom sayers around but for the most part, they are speaking of nation wide trends or even state wide trends. But it takes a knowledgeable person who knows what is going on in each neighborhood as well as taking into consideration the larger economy and changes in laws, interest rates and other

Santa Rally?

Yesterday was quite lovely in the market! WYY in particular. Although I could mention so many others, I have a fondness for this stock since it is my largest holding at this time. Let's see if the profit takes move in today or if the exuberant laced eggnog takes over. It's very peaceful checking stocks,

Holiday Wishes from Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert K. Real Estate ownership is our most powerful freedom. We must stay vigilant over our rights from being completely usurped. Learning for great teachers like Robert Kiyosaki and many others, you can ensure yourself a life of freedom through steady, careful, repeated investments.  2011 will have many rate changes and legal changes so lets get started. Contact me

Gallery 8 @ 4330 Tujunga Ave 91604

Lauren and Dan have made beautiful use of the space behind the last shop in the Tujunga Village, south of Moorpark. This tiny gallery hosts many works of art from talented painters, photographers, glass artists and more. Drop by after a refreshing Gelato or meal at  Caioti Cafe.

Bicycles that inspire! Like a Lotus or a Ferrari does.

Velo Studio located at 4150 Riverside Drive Burbank, CA 910505    818.841.8408 Story Next to Priscilla's Cafe, which is a great place to have a bike shop since many riders stop there on their trek around Mt. Hollywood via the river path next to the 5 freeway and the LA river. This store is like a candy

OMG house for $199,000 in the Cahuenga Pass hills!

Stop! Wait. Sounds too good to be true. Yes, there is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home that just came on the market today in the hills for only $199,000. But, thank goodness we true in advertising when it comes to real estate. There is rain damage from years back and the foundation will need

10740 Moorpark ! $280HOA! Built 2006!

Can you believe a CORNER UPPER unit is for SALE?!?!?! It is SO tastefully done too. Two SUITS! great for room mates! Two balconies The only unit with high peek ceiling Great new building  2006!!!!!!!!! LOW LOW LOW HOA $280 Come have a look    1  --    4  SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY Unit 302 Unit